We need you to join Chancel Choir!
The more the merrier!
If you are hesitant to join because you think you aren't a good singer, don't worry! Dr. Paul is a vocal coach and can get you singing your best!
Practice is Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and Sunday's at 10:00am.

Friday, February 14th
9:00 am Games
11:30 am Potluck
We Would love to see you There!

Feb. 19th- Fish Sticks
Feb. 26th- Chicken Noodle Soup

Mardi Gras Party
Tuesday, Feb. 25th
5:30 pm
Fellowship Hall
Join us for food, fun, crafts, and maybe dancing! All ages welcome! Invite a friend!
Bring a decadent snack to share!

Wednesday, Feb. 26th
5:15 Soup Dinner
6:00 Ash Wednesday Service
7:00 Choir
Join us for an evening of fellowship and Worship as we usher in the Lenten season.

Casey Stephenson
painting lines
 in the parking lot.

Report of Services for Some Other Place January -December 2019
Emergency Services Program:
2,975 families representing 5,171 individuals (this does not include families interviewed and served through SOP special programs)
Henry's Place, SOP day center for homeless: 9,935 visits made by homeless individuals
SOP Nutrition Center, aka "soup kitchen":101,878 meals served
SOP home delivered meal program: 230 homebound individuals currently on the program/varies based on need
SOP Back to School Program: 385 fami-lies representing 950+ children served with new school clothing, supplies & back-packs, additional children/schools served with school supplies following the actual BTS distribution
Holiday Assistance Program:
Thanksgiving Store:
625 families representing 2,00 individuals received traditional Thanksgiving foods for their Thanksgiving celebration.
Thanksgiving Day Meal : approx. 200 meals were served at the Nutrition Center and 200 meals were delivered by over 100 volunteers
The Giving Tree Christmas Program:
1,350 children, 230 SOP home delivered meals recipients and over 1,00 nursing home residents were served.
Christmas Day Meal: 0ver 200 meals were served at the Nutrition center and 200 meals were home delivered by Temple Emanuel.
SOP received (as best as we could count) 9,823 phone calls for assistance in 2019. All of these services are made possible with local community support and volunteers.