Children's Books Needed…
SOP has an area in our Emergency Services office for children's books. We allow children to take these books home with them but we are in very short supply. Many of those we serve simply do not have enough money to  purchase books for their children. So, if your children or grandchildren have books that they
 no longer read, WE WOULD LOVE TO
HAVE THEM to share with the children who come to SOP. They do not have to new, but we do appreciate donations of books in good condition.

NEVER refer to women as a
"Battle Axe"!!!!
These ladies have taken an advanced course
in throwing a "Batl" axe!

The CWF will have their first
meeting of the new year Tuesday, Sept 17, at 9:30 a.m.
in Fellowship Hall. This year's study is on the mission of the church and will focus on how our declining congregations can meet the challenge of energizing their programs. This should be
really interesting. All women of the church are invited.