The central organization of the church's music ministry is the Chancel Choir. Fifteen volunteer singers, aided by scholarship music students from Lamar University, support the worship services of the church by offering an anthem 2-3 times each month. Additionally, the scholarship students and others offer solos and duets on other worship Sundays.

The Chancel Choir prepares an annual Christmas Cantata which takes the primary part of a worship service in early December. Occasionally, other vocal programs are given throughout the church year.

The church has two octaves of bells which are employed from time to time and more often if there are enough players to produce bell ensemble music.

The music program, under the direction of Dr. Darrell Olges, is considered a ministry of the church. Anyone desiring to serve God with his or her voice is encouraged to be a part of the Chancel Choir and the overall music program. As an example, a lady who was a former organist at First Christian and who remains a member of the church, joins Dr. Olges for piano and organ duets 10 to 12 times a year.

The church is blessed with an organ, a grand piano and an electronic keyboard, all of which are used in various ways throughout the church year. Dr. Olges from time to time, supplements the worship music of the church with piano solos, including recorded symphonic orchestra accoumpaniments.

Variety is the keyword used to describe the styles of music utilized in church worship. Anthems, instrumental music, and congregational participation all employ traditional, classical, contemporary and spiritual selections.

Any of the musical ensembles or other expressions of music are open to anyone who has a heart for serving the Lord through musical gifts that God has granted. Our musical offerings are performed with a deep sense of dependence upon the blessing of the Holy Spirit, with prayer, and a heartfelt desire to be part of a ministry of music.

Ministry of Music -- First Christian Church