A Biblical approach to life and issues , in which the Bible is taken seriously but not bound by literalism.

A Worship which involves people rather than placing them as spectators along the sideline.

A Preaching which is intellectually stimulating yet very practical and applicable to daily living.

A Willingness not only to tolerate but to welcome and celebrate differences of opinion about faith.

A n Ecumenical integrity which allows for an open and inclusive approach to religion and life.

A strong sense of Christian Community in which consensus is in the person of Jesus Christ, and not to a conformity of doctrine or creed.




The following are some reasons why many people have chosen the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):

A sense of Ministry which is rightfully the obligation and privilege of every Christian.

A Weekly Celebration of Holy Communion as instituted by Jesus and observed by the New Testament church.

An emphasis on Christian living which is descriptive versus a strict, legalistic, prescriptive approach.