Weddings at First Christian Church

Fellowship Hall set up for large celebration.
Our large Parlor is reserved for the Bride's preparation.
View our facility from the Bridal Registry in the Narthex through the final exit by the Happy Married Couple.
We are delighted that you are considering First  Christian Church, Beaumont for your wedding and the following information about our denomination, our congregation, and our wedding policies will assist you in planning for this very special occasion.
First Christian Church is a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Formed during the early 1800’s on the American frontier, the Disciples of Christ have always stressed the centrality of the Bible in faith and the call for unity among all believers in Christ. We affirm that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God and that all persons are God’s children. Some of our beliefs and practices include celebrating Communion in weekly worship which is open to all, Baptism by immersion, belief in the oneness of the church, and the ministry of all believers. 
First Christian Church began in 1894 in downtown Beaumont and moved to our beautiful tree-filled grounds in 1962. Our sanctuary is situated amidst a 1/2 mile Meditation Walk with seven prayer areas and a 30 foot Chartres Labyrinth.
We consider a wedding ceremony to be a sacred event where the bride and groom pledge their faith and love to one another in the presence of God. Our policies emerge from this conviction. We want your wedding to be a joyous and sacred worship experience! If you are interested in having your wedding at First Christian Church, Beaumont amidst the beauty of our stained glass filled sanctuary, please download and read the Wedding Information Book and look through the photos on this page. Our office staff would love to schedule an initial visit with you to discuss your very special day.